Top 5 inseparable items when traveling to HaLong  

January 5, 2021 | Post by: Phuong Hoa
  1. Sunglasses, hat and sunscreen 

It would be great if you did not forget to put 5 items mentioned below in the luggage. With an attractive destination like Halong Bay (along with suggestions from D’Lecia Boutique Hotel) what will be the necessary items for your trip? 


Inheriting the climate of the surrounding tropics of sea air and sun, Halong Bay is known as a tourist destination filled with light. Therefore, always remember to bring in sunglasses and sunscreen to protect your eyes and skin from harmful UV rays. Don’t forget to bring aloe vera cream and moisturizer to help your sensitive skin be better protected. Items such as wide-brimmed hats and robes will protect you from the sun for hours. 

         2. Personal handbags 

Source: Van Anh 

Remember to equip yourself with a bag. The small bag will work when you need to store miscellaneous items including souvenirs. Instead of carrying a heavy backpack, the compact bag will upgrade your experience in Halong . 

        3. Technological utensils 

Electronics are indispensable in travel trips. Phones, cameras, even Ipads or laptops all have a different type of charging cord. In Ha Long or Vietnam, most of them are 220V power supply, however, some places are still 127V. Two-legged power drives will be used but some high-end hotels (British standards) have 3-legged electric sockets. Don’t forget to check your belongings and amenities in your room when traveling. You can head a switch charger to charge those important devices. 

Source: Lighted Way 

         4. Water 


In Vietnam, most tourist destinations do not have water taps like Western countries. Traveling by plane will make it more difficult to carry a water bottle. You should choose the type of easy vase to get into the bag. Besides, in some places, a bottle of water costs quite high. Therefore, collapsible water bottles could help you save more. Using this type of bottle you can easily get water and put it in a bag when you are finished. So, choose economic solutions and be less expensive. Providing enough clean water for the body is extremely necessary. 


        5. Cash, change 

Source: Google 

Besides using the card, prepare a little cash. There is no extra charge to withdraw money when you want to buy things at the airport or take a taxi. Thoroughly understand the currency exchange rate and the amount of currency exchange before starting the journey. Make sure you bring a moderate amount of money with you. 

Through the above article, D’Lecia hopes you already know the list of 5 items to bring when traveling. In addition, remember consider the number of luggage will help you avoid carrying heavy in order to make your trip more complete.  

D’Lecia Ha Long wishes you have the best experience in Halong Bay. 

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