Things to keep in mind when coming to Bai Chay

January 5, 2021 | Post by: Phuong Hoa

Traveling always brings many beneficial values to your life. Hopefully, notes that D’Lecia provided when coming to Bai Chay – Ha Long will help you have a more complete trip. 

As the largest beach in Halong City, Bai Chay attracts all the sights of tourists. The artificial coastline stretches more than 1000m and more than 100m wide is nature bestowed a wonderful beauty. Clear blue water, clean beaches should attract a large number of tourists. Along the coast is an endless row of pines that creates fresh air, peace, cool relaxation of the sea breeze combined with greenery. 



The climate is cool all year round due to the sea breeze blowing in. However, you should go in June, July and August. At this time in summer, the climate is cool, flood storms are few and very suitable for swimming. 




The hotel system here is very rich with many quality hotels, guaranteed and quite reasonable price. However, depending on the subject of travelers, how to choose the type of hotel. We would like to offer some cheap hotels that are reasonable for all travelers. However, guests are advised to book a room in advance to avoid all special rooms during the holidays or in summer.  

Hotel prices range from VND 200,000 to over VND 1 million per room depending on the visitor’s bridge. In addition to European dishes, fresh seafood at restaurants, Bai Chay is also famous for its dishes with alcoholic beverages. Enjoy seafood on board during the bay tours, which cost about 120,000 – 200,000 VND per person.  

Fresh seafood at the drinking spot in the Peach Garden area. Cheap seafood in Cai Dang market. Enjoy rustic seafood in Ben Doan area There are also many other places with good service and attentive service. 


Traveling you need to prepare your luggage thoughtfully to make the trip more complete: In terms of luggage and furniture, you should prepare more sunscreen so that your skin does not darken.  

Swimwear and sunglasses are indispensable items when you bathe, if you do not bring it here can be rented at a reasonable price from 25,000 – 50,000 depending on the type. Identities and money are two indispensable things when you travel. Be prepared before you go to make sure your trip is more comfortable! 


To get to the beautiful Bai Chay you can take a bus, train, motorbike or by plane if you are as far away as in the Central or the South. 

There are 2 routes that travelers should note:  

– Hanoi – Bac Ninh – Quang Ninh route is 160km long, go from Noi Bai airport – follow Noi Bai – Bac Ninh road to Bac Ninh and from here to Highway 18A Pha Re – Red Star and then to Dong Trieu – Uong Bi to Ha Long. 

– Hanoi – Bac Ninh – Quang Ninh route is 155km long, by car you take about 3 hours and motorbike takes about 5 hours by road 3 Sai Dong – Bac Ninh – Pha Re – Chi Linh – Dong Trieu – Uong Bi – Ha Long. 

Bai Chay Resort 



Bai Chay Coast: long and beautiful coastline, attracting many tourists to bathe here in summer. Ha Long Night Market is a place to sell souvenirs such as fine arts, wind chimes, keychains … made from shells. Moreover, there are many kinds of seafood for visitors to buy as gifts. The price at the night market is also quite reasonable but visitors should bargain before buying so as not to be “cut off” at the market! 

The place not to be missed is Bai Chay Bridge: standing on the wind bridge blowing magnificent, cool, especially shimmering bridge at night with electric light. Not only is it meaningful in terms of traffic, but this place is also a fanciful, shimmering place and a symbol of Bai Chay.  

In addition, visitors can visit and play games in Ha Long solar rotation for 300,000 VND per adult and 200,000 VND per child under 1m3 and free of charge for children under 1m high. 

Bai Chay Specialty 


Sea tourism especially Bai Chay, you can not ignore the wonderful dishes made from seafood, the dishes are flavored by the sea such as squid rolls, mam ma, surface, tickle, snails, sam.  

The transportation at Bai Chay 

Here you can rent a motorbike or taxi to visit and eat. You can rent motors and self-drive for more comfort and freedom, rental locations at Minh Thanh Trading Services and Co., Ltd. Rent a car Bai Fire – Quang Ninh from 1 to 6 hours is 70,000 VND, from 1 to 12 hours is 100,000 VND and 1 day is 150,000 VND. 

Please contact D’Lecia Ha Long to have a more perfect trip. 

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