Explore 5 sunset spots in Ha Long 

January 5, 2021 | Post by: Phuong Hoa

At every time of the day, Ha Long has its own beauty but have you tried to visit these 5 places to enjoy the beautiful sunset? Let’s discover wonderful new places in Halong with D’Lecia Boutique Hotel! 

  1. Ha Long Bay

Being voted as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, every afternoon at Vinh Ha Long beach, the sunset light will reflect on the sea level with orange-yellow sunlight. To the astonishment of that sparkling and iridescent beauty the sea, many visitors visiting Ha Long Bay are in awe at the majestic beauty bestowed by nature. 



  1. BaiTho Mountain 

Bai Tho Mountain is a famous limestone mountain in Ha Long city. On the top of Bai Tho mountain, you will be able to see the Vietnam National Flag flutter in the wind. The best time to go to Bai Tho mountain is sunrise or sunset. You will be amazed at the mountain scenery with clouds and sky, which all create a majestic beauty but no less peaceful. 

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  1. The road along the coast

Ha Long local often like to take a walk on the beach road every morning or afternoon. The construction has a total length of 6.2km, the route impresses with the unique landscape, covering the beautiful scenery of Ha Long Bay. At the end of the route is a public beach, which you can entirely feel the atmosphere of Ha Long city while immersing in the clear blue sea water and sightseeing Ha Long, a romantic city. 


  1. Sun rotation on BaDeo Hill 

Visitors to Ha Long city do not miss Sun World – the much-publicized entertainment area here. The most fantastic place to watch the sunset for you is on the Sun Wheel at Ba Deo Hill. With the journey from the Ocean station to the solar station, you will admire the panoramic beauty of Halong Bay from above. After arriving at the Solar Station, you can move up to the Sun Wheel and see Ha Long city, Bai Chay bridge. If you go at sunset, this will be an unforgettable moment that you want to keep forever. 


Source: vnexpress.net 

  1. Bai Chay Beach 

Travelling to Ha Long, what’d be the marvellous thing is to immerse yourself in the blue water. Here, visitors can participate in various fun activities on the beach such as volleyball, teambuilding, kite flying, etc, or playing water movement games. You can prepare snacks for friends and family to chillin‘ by the beach together. Moreover, Sunset at Bai Chay beach and hearing the wind in the ear, the sound of waves, and the fun will help you relax after stressful working and studying hours. 


Source: vnexpress.net 

D’Lecia hopes that this information will enrich your experience in Halong Bay. What’s better than enjoying the romantic space under the sunset with family and friends. D’Lecia wishes you a safe and enjoyable trip! 

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