Explaining the hotness of the SUP rowing trend in Halong Bay

January 5, 2021 | Post by: Phuong Hoa

Halong Bay’s popularity has always been associated with adventurous sports. In particular, in recent years, the trend of SUP rowing has become increasingly popular. What is the uniqueness of SUP in Halong Bay? Let’s discover the hotness of this SUP rowing trend with D’Lecia Boutique Ha Long! 

Stand-up paddle (SUP) was known in the 1940s in Hawaii and is considered the primogenitor of modern surfing. To try one’s hand at the new game, the player will need a paddle about two meters long and a long plank. The difference between SUP and canoeing or kayak is the participant do not require swimming, which is extremely interesting. Additionally, SUP attracts young people because of its comfort, relaxation and lightness. 


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SUP can be played on many different types of areas from small sizes lakes to the vast sea. SUP is classified into many categories by materials such as plastic SUP, EPS SUP, slightly SUP, etc or by designs are short SUP, long SUP, Touring SUP, Racing SUP, etc. Paddleboard/boat materials for playing SUP are various as wood, synthetic resin or inflatable rubber what is the most popular. With inflatable paddleboard is exceeding handy and can be compacted at hand. 


When playing SUP, you will be very relaxed, windsurfing in the middle of the lake when the sun slowly falls, watching the tranquil scenery, cool breeze enjoying the fresh air. Besides, standing on a balance board is good for health when put all the gravity of the body in the waist, hips, thigh muscles, calves and while climbing, the force from the shoulder blades brought down to help the muscles operating at full capacity. 

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Ha Long is prominent for its majestic beauty but not be less romantic with many caves, cliffs and many types of tourism. In particular, SUP is considered one of the reasons that make this place a fabulous destination. SUP experience in Ha Long Bay, you will perambulate in the feeling of discovering one of the majestic bays with countless cliffs jutting out of beautiful mountains. 

Enjoy the cool air from the water, your trip will pass through Heaven Gate, Lu Huong Peak, etc discover the mystery of the caves and immerse yourself in the cool and fresh blue water in Ha Long Bay, which you cannot miss while playing SUP in Ha Long. 

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The paddleboard SUP surfing gently in the sunset amidst the magical natural scenery in Ha Long bring you relaxation and comfort. Owning both calm rivers and lakes, Ha Long is a perfect choice for both beginners and experienced people alike. A SUP trip in Ha Long will definitely bring unforgettable memories. 

Boutique Hotel D’Lecia’s SUP rowing experience in Halong Bay is amazing. There is no denying the attraction and interest of this water sport. Refresh your travels by rowing SUP and join in the SUP sports trend in Ha Long with D’Lecia. 

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