Experience the top 5 must-try dishes at Bai Chay 

January 7, 2021 | Post by: Phuong Hoa

To help you answer the question “What to eat today in Bai Chay?” D’Lecia Boutique Hotel Ha Long has completed a list of the 5 best dishes to try here. Let’s enjoy the culinary beauty at this beach! 

  1. Vermicelli with stone crab 


Vermicelli is a typical dish of Quang Ninh. Stone scrab usually has a small body, but has an extremely large one and lots of meat. Meat in the body is removed non-fragrant with onions, then put in a bowl of white rice noodle, decorated with large pairs. Then, the cook poured over a bowl of vermicelli with delicious, sweet broth cooked with the meat. The restaurants often add surfaces and shrimp together so that the bowl of vermicelli looks more delicious. The price per bowl ranges from 35,000 to 50,000VND. 

       2. Ms. Thuy’s clear noodle with duck meat 


Ms. Thuy’s clear noodle with duck meat is very famous in The Dam area, Bai Chay. Many diners praised the delicious food and sweet meat. The point of clinging to many diners cannot help but mention the characteristic sauce. Soy sauce is mixed with a little garlic and chilies, which makes soy sauce smell better. The restaurant also has salted bamboo shoots eaten very crispy, sour taste of bamboo shoots make the bowl of sorghum become richer. 

       3. Thunder crab hot pot 


Referring to Halong Bay, it is impossible not to mention delicious and attractive seafood dishes. In particular, it is impossible not to mention the delicious crab. Golden crabs are cooked in a pot of earth then spices to awaken the aroma of golden crab hot pot. At Golden Crab restaurant, the food is always guaranteed fresh and food hygiene. 

       4. Hong Hanh Australian beef hotpot 

If you have the opportunity to enjoy the dishes at Hong Hanh restaurant, you will surely be impressed by the Australian beef hot pot here. Tender beef with sweet broth bar will make you can not refuse. Many diners said that Australian beef here is very tender. 

       5. Halong Pearl Yogurt 

With the taste of cool yogurt, mild sour combined with warm, chewy pearls and sweet coconut milk, making the dish unique and popular with many diners without any explanation.  

If many young people are afraid that milk tea will cause many harms to health but “fascinate” the chewy feeling of pearls, pearl yogurt is a great combination because of the benefits yogurt brings to your health. If you are a person who likes to discover the newness in cuisine, you can also enjoy the toping of the food with a variety of yogurt flavors such as durian, mango, kiwi,…  

Thus, above D’Lecia Hotel Ha Long has introduced to all of you about the top 5 dishes not to be missed at Bai Chay in particular and in Halong in general. Hopefully, the above information will help your Food tour trips more interesting. 

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